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Media Resources

Longwood’s Media Concierge Team is in place to help media organizations during the days leading up to the debate. We look forward to working with you to identify and support broadcast sites around campus and town, to assist with particular stories or projects, to connect you with students and faculty who are engaged in the debate, and to help in any way we can. We encourage you to be in touch with one of the team members.


Debate Graphics Library

Please click here to visit our Debate Graphics Library for downloadable graphics and instructions for use.


Multimedia Assets

B-Roll Video

Download Campus B-Roll (.mov 174mb, .mp4 256mb)

Download Debate Hall B-Roll (.m4v 130mb)

Download Student Debate Ticket Lottery B-Roll (.m4v 61mb)

High-Res Photos

Download Student Debate Ticket Lottery & VP Jubilee Photos (.zip 87mb)

Download Campus Photos (.zip 102mb)

Longwood Logos

Download Logo Package (.zip 1mb) Includes High-Res & Vector formats



“Longwood is a place where leadership has been forged in reconciliation. That is a message I believe will resonate with the country today. For our students, faculty, staff and alumni, next October’s debate will be the culmination of a year they will never forget. The energy of this great event will run through and invigorate everything we do in preparing the next generation of citizen-leaders, and it will share the Longwood story with the world.”
-President W. Taylor Reveley IV


“Longwood’s selection for the 2016 U.S. vice presidential debate is a genuine game-changer for Farmville and the heart of Virginia. It’s a yearlong opportunity to showcase our community and turn a spotlight on our unique, powerful history and vibrant downtown that serves as a true regional hub. We have much to offer and welcome the chance to shine.”
-Farmville Mayor David Whitus


"I'm very excited to host an event like this on our unique campus. We have such a special student body that really embraces the idea of citizen leadership; it seems like almost every student you meet holds a leadership position in something. I'm looking forward to seeing how students volunteer their time and energy over the next year to make this great opportunity an extraordinary success."
-Student Government Association President Constance Garner


"This debate will be the most relevant to the Longwood student body--most of whom will be voting in a national election for the first time. Virginia is a vastly important state in presidential elections, and having this debate on our campus in the heart of the state is a great opportunity to inspire a generation of college students to become engaged in the political process."
-Senior Class President Natalie Joseph, Class of 2016


"Longwood has a unique and powerful story to tell, and this debate will be huge for both the university community and the town of Farmville. We are surrounded by so much important political history already, from the closing days of the Civil War to the beginnings of the civil rights movement, that this debate will be another important chapter in that story."
-Shea Pennington, Class of 2017